31 comments on “The Revival of DLN!

  1. Lol wot this clan is now a property of MMC huh there isnt even one MMC who got its hand on this website from noob MMC.


  2. ”This Clan Is Now Property of The MMC Federal Military. If You Have A Problem, Than You Will Be Eliminated.” Yeah I got a problem Blackbird is a huge bag-sack of pussy bags and his a fat fuck. BB is a baby. Eliminate me. When I already wrecked you and your clan.


  3. Actually this site is like premium or something cuz we can rate the comments and posts itself LOL becuz Blackbird was here XDDDD


    • Looks like we got a hater over here. #haterz_gonna_hate, I see that DLN is alive. RIP Dracol you shall forever be rrmembered :po

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      • Dear DLN, and Wardemption

        This is the leader and technical founder of R.A.T asking for a mere shimmer of your time. And to get the question “Are you Xiao?” out of the way, I just want to say, no I’m not Xiao, I am his brother, of which you will know about later in time. But in any constellation, lets get on to the more, interesting or in your case, more gibberish part of the testimony.
        Times are tough for clans in PB2, what with us being ranked and others going “for the gold,” in domination purposes, which you may know about. The only down side to this is that clans see other clans as threats whether the clan is bigger than theirs or stronger. As you may know, or thought you have known, R.A.T is or supposedly dead, well good news, DLN, R.A.T is also officially revived, and would ask, if DLN would merge with R.A.T, and What I mean is, if you and your members could put [R.A.T] in their names. With this, you may use our men on command if needed/applicable, and we will be ready to assist in any clan matters concerning you, (unless it involves MMC or Black Bird in any way shape or form) we hope that this will spark a new relationship for us, and for our men. If you deny this then I only ask for a simple alliance which requires votes if needed in urgent situations, and a prediction of what may happen, for as we are in progress of making an alliance with GSA, notifying that if they accept, and somehow wound up in a war with you, we might not help either of you. This is your decision to make, I will press you no further or beg you, Wardemption. I only ask for the best of our two clans, for clans to come, and for the safety of all clans.

        Yours in hands and heart ~Brass


        • I wont merge with R.A.T we helped you fight DF and a lot other clans before but in return “We got nothing.” You and Xiao were always asking my help and also when you wee at war with MMC we helped you. I may form an alliance with R.A.T but if you are allying GSA then no.


            • Who the hell? Ofc we need our “paycheck” even though we aint a mercenary clan. We helped you fight in a lot of wars like wtf?. We helped u when you were in Wingmen and R.A.T. So yeah…..


              • Well then fine, but expound on what you mean by “paycheck,” because R.A.T doesn’t have a money system nor do give out money. Unless you mean assist you in some way shape or form, and if so then that’ll have to wait because R.A.T is at war with U.S.F, our primary objective at this moment is winning the war.


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