48 comments on “to Señorita susana

        • The fact that you deleted my comment makes me thing that something bad happend and you’re too pussy to tell me what happend. Am I right? Yes I am.


          • “Be specific.” Wasnt that your comment? Anyways I wasn’t the one who “deleted” it. Btw your answering to yourself retard XD. Also I know you are somebody whose using an another account to comment in this site because you won’t get butthurt.


            • That was my comment, I don’t know who deleted my comment or care anymore. Plus, answering to myself is being a retard? Oh sorry I forgot that you can’t spell right ”you’re” so you spell it ”your”. You definitely sound like a dumbass, Your sentence made no sense. As BlackBird said, You never made any sense in your life.


              • Ahh.. Your a pessimist I guess. Searching even a single mistake in somebody’s sentence. Well let’s forget about that and I see your already butthurt due to my comments. And also when did BlackBird said “You never made any sense in your life”. Oh game well played m8 I guess your gonna show up some more theories soon. Well anyways your in the blacklist. Thank you.


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