17 comments on “Omega force officially destroyed

    • It is owned now but not before. I guess basilix just made some theories and said to you bout that. It was lead by mihaiionutcristi after he left DLN and then later on idk why basilix who became their also leader and mihaiionutcristi were raging at me XD and then I just launched a series of strike to them and their members left due to me. Yeah seriously. I nuked some of their accounts as they were fokin spamming me with their shitty messages. They lost 3 members out of 7 and later they dead bruh.


  1. Ok so ,first,u dint kill omega force,i banned mihai from that site , so they all raged to me and changed the name into indigo army,that got destroyed by me and agent indigo.u did nothing than just being mihai’s marrionette,cuz he made dirty things to get u banned


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