30 comments on “NATO…

  1. And if you want peace then you should rather not think of that. Just check my quote:
    “I don’t want mercy, I want glory.”


  2. Lol,how can mmc kill my clan if it doesnt even play pb2 and nato isnt tiny it has 33 members and why should i surrender to wardemption the racist and roleplayer?u cant even beat my clan cuz they are seperated in the ukraine province and we also have a haker in our clan,not bb.someone else.so i wont surender,u cannt kill a clan,this is a game,u can respawn,lol,genius.


    • At least we can destroy a clan than not kill it. MMC can easily destroy that site m8. Btw I am racist for calling your friends NOOB? Genius. And if you have a hacker then bring him on DLN chat and let’s see what he can do.


  3. Um… For sure… DF wont be asociated with hackers… We suggest for you guys to solve this out without hackings. Make a friendlly war or something like that…


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