29 comments on “Operation: United Arms

  1. Welp NATO is annoying but yet Ganax is my friend… tho he did nuke the Original SERC site… (If I say yes put that in the Surrender terms…) so I will have to think about that… also check your inbox…


      • meh we call you racist cuz you hate us nall . and on this game we respawn. plus we conquered washington today . we can respawn . we are pros. we can kill you , racists. and dont mess with me if u want . just fight me


        • I am so cool Bish. Ofc we respawn nub. Conquered Washington? I see a lot of other guys playing there lol. Your not pros though, your all some romanian Noobs. Your trying to keep yourself happy by poking your nose and messing with others guys. Simply, you have no life.


          • And btw also dont mind my fool little sister . I left pb2 from when you remade dln and she took control . Now its time to comeback and to rejoin dln and edit nato site . Nato is now mine . My sister cant have it anymore . Also wardemption dont get mad on me . You always though i was ganax eh? Ganax is the name that goes to gianina, the name of my sister . Now hello again dln .


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  3. emeraldos…….i heard by a JOG member that juan the red betrayed Delta Force. he joined NATO as i heard. what u think

    p.s hey ! add JOG in allies


    • Da fuck you talking about? i never betrayed Delta Force,That was just Basilix begging for me to accept his NATO as a division for protection from DLN,MMC etc.


      • Oh crap, pardon fish lol. It was a mistake but don’t let NATO be DF division. If DF dies he will take all of its members.


      • I wont . Juan is my friend fir so much time . I will never betray him . And if df dies , i will make a new df and make new members , and then ill give the new df to juan xd


        • How can we trust you? Once DLN became inactive, you made a post that I was dead and tried to recruit everybody to your clan…Does that make you loyal and friendly?


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