10 comments on “News

  1. Yea nato was made in 2011 u tucktard and it died in 2013 beacuse of the first gsa . Now it got revived and has 60 members ,including bb too . I didnt cry like a baby ,a nd i. Tried to recruit ixlame cuz he is romanian and what romanian kills his own languagers? And they are called racist if they do that . Perhaps,there is one thing. I can rekt you one by one, by my own . Whos ready to fight me today ?


    • Hello, do you have any proofs about your theories basilix? Btw if you can Rekt us one by one then why did’nt you do that before…Your scared LOL!


    • Well,Basilix.. im not a racist.but this is my first and also my last clan,i joined DLN For about one or two years ago,i was theyr first President,i`m not leaving so easy,you can promise me Clan Leader,or co-leader, IM NOT LEAVING DLN ! ,So please,dont fcking call me racist,i`ll rape you , promise.


  2. Well,They are not racist,they just hate you,and you just hate us,you fucktard,Anyway,stop trying to recruit us,recruit non-clan members. ( If they will accept you,im sure they wont ). Aaaand,i am ready to fight you today,if i`ll find you 😐 But guess what,DLN raped HPM , and now we will rape you too,dont worry,your clan will die again! Have fun,bish


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