21 comments on “New War Awaits DLN.

  1. The “hail” is a rip off of me.

    The fact that you actually thought I wanted to waste my time warring you is hilarious, especially seeing you’ve no means of effective retaliation for anything.


      • So how are you going to fight us? We don’t play PB2 – im banned. So Yeah, stop the idiocy.

        Plus you and SERC are my allies.
        I talked to Noune and told him he wouldn’t survive a war with DLN, but he claims to war you anyways.

        Don’t bring me in whatever shit you guys got going on, I have other shit to do, not worry about the problems of two third party clans.


        • Well,BB , you said ” if DLN wars SERC, MMC will war DLN.” im not bringing you to any shit,but you wanted to battle us.


          • No, I thought you all were playing or something, seeing that we all have.. well, had, a positive relationship.


            • i wanna remind you ” If DLN will battle SERC , MMC will battle DLN ” , bish pls.you wanted that,we wanted to have a good relation with you,but you wanted to war us.


              • If you take whatever anyone says seriously like that all the time, your going to end up with a dead clan.

                Trust me, ik first hand.
                As for your war, its not my problem, and it will not become my problem. You will fight SERC if you wish, but the MMC will not intervene a war between its alliances.

                I have other things to do that do not involve war. So g’day m8s.


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