25 comments on “REJECTED

  1. Yes , i know, but i`m able to give him an other change.

    Anyway,if he does the same shit,i will annihilate him. You know i can do this ! .


  2. Guys… You’re making a huge mistake…. Basilix… First of all don’t take this as offence… But Ward hates you,mLot of DLN members hate you, and if even you would re-join Ward or these peeps in DLN that hate you will do everything and only wait for a moment when you make a mistake and try to kick you out.. I’m speaking from my experience. You would fight with them in chat and website, when you make a mistake they will make posts how bad you are and that they shouldnt have got let you in…. It’s not worth your time. You would better find a new clan to join or try to make NATO a really strong clan like I do at the moment with {ED} (I have sopved all my problems with mihail… I dont like his new clan idea and moast likelly he’ll attack me in the future) Basilix… If you re-join you wont be accepted by the members.. They won’t listen to you because they wont trust you… You’ll mosst likelly end up leaving, or kicked out from DLN. Don’t waste your time because you in my opinion don’t have a future in this clan. I guess I made my point, and seriouslly… Dont take this as offence Basilix… But it’s a mistake you’re making here guys… Personally, I dont know how would I vote…Basilix can get a chance to try his luck… Ech… I can’t vote anyway so…. I’ve just said my experience and what I saw happening to others.


  3. Well,Basilix , THIS WAS YOUR LAST CHANGE.
    You lost your oportunity.
    NOW STAY IN Serc .
    NEVER,but NEVER Ask us to join DLN,you will be rejected.


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