3 comments on “Stories and Comics central

  1. My will be story:
    Hitler was once a lance corporal in the German Army. He was sent to fight against the British army in World War I. There as they were going they were ambushed by a group of British soldiers. Most of the German soldiers were killed in the ambush but hitler, a corporal, a private and a sergeant managed to run out of it. They saw a small trench and took rest there. They had lost their connection between the German HQ. After sometime, a British battalion charged at the trench. There the soldiers had no option than to fight. So they took their guns and fought till the last man. The corporal even having 4 wounds in his stomach fought with 6 British soldiers in melee combat and killed them but later he was killed by a bullet. The private killed 10 British soldiers but he got killed by a grenade. Afterwards, the sergeant and hitler was left. They couldn’t fight them due to low ammunitions so they fled from the trench. While running, the sergeant was hit by a bullet and bled to death but hitter managed to run far away from the British soldiers. Later that day at the grasslands a British soldier saw him and took his rifle to kill him but then he lowered his rifle and denied to kill hitler who had no weapons. After that, Hitler escaped and the British soldier went to his camp. If hitler was killed that day then WW 2 wouldn’t had happened and millions of lives would have been saved.


  2. Lol, I’ll be back at the house tomorrow Mr.Wardemption and I have a comic:

    The Doghouse diaries

    – When a guy does something wrong…
    Girl: You broke my favorite lamp!
    Boy: It was an accident. I didn’t mean to!
    Girl: I can’t believe you did this.
    Boy: I am sorry.

    – When a girl does something wrong…
    Boy: You lost my dog?!
    Girl: I didn’t mean to!
    Boy: I can’t believe you did this.
    Girl: I already feel bad about it. Stop making it feel me worse!
    Boy: I am sorry.

    (Then jesus rose to the haves XD)


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