7 comments on “Suggestions

  1. 1st – nah, there should be a sign up for site staff page.
    2nd – we are a military-government like clan so carrying tags Is all but fine.
    3rd – It’s all fine ftw.


  2. Our ranks system are fine. Putting our whole tags will show our all ranks and division when playing. And, I really don’t know about that site staff idea tho.


    • It’s a fine sugggestions. Showing our ranks like james bond shows up to PB2, 2.5, 3 match kinda retarded. People who want to see our members ranking system by themselves. About staff team of DLN site should be done since people making some random unintersting posts sometimes. Btw one of our staff would nuke it again one day. Very unexpected. Let’s use our forums by it’s 100% safe. So yeah I just supporting this suggestion.


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