14 comments on “Presidential Voting

  1. I’ll probably go for Blake for now since i knew him for almost 3 years playing this game . And for my experience even though he might be bad at leading sometimes and on chat. He’s always there to support the clan and leaders. So ill vote for Blake.



  2. hmmm it is a hard choice since both are excellent nominated people and every speech they said was with hopeful promises.But i vote hamza because he knows what he will do.Blake and arkenstone even their speeches were fantastic arken loses some parts and blake who even i know him due he has a great map skill he unfortunately didn’t do the missions for DLN which it will cost him a lot. Anyway good luck to all nominated and may the best wins

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  3. #BLEK, NIGGA I VOTE YOUR DAMNED ASS. Even thought you were a HPM leader who tries to defeat us with kneelfrox. Also tried to be most high ranking member in few clans those which fails in the past.


  4. I’ll vote for Hamza0510. He really knows what he could do to benefit the clan, sounds like the most serious one too. Blake, I love ya man (no homo) but ya gotta get a little more serious. Go Hamza!

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