40 comments on “Drexit ~ Referendum to decide whether or not we should stay in the NIR

  1. I vote to leave. As far as I’ve been told, there is little to no benefit to the faction by staying in the NIR.


  2. GCS, JOG and the SRC are active… There for, it is not dead…
    And the only reason it’s like this is that no one bothered to do something about it


              • But you’re saying it’s inactive period, not just the alliance activities
                Also getting a clan and a ally counts as a alliance activity


                • Noune, I honestly have no idea why you’re fussing about us having a referendum to decide whether or not to leave NIR. You were fine with it before and didn’t care, but when you realised that we are actually doing this, you flipped your shit.

                  Now, please, stop. This is going ahead anyway. And by the looks of it we are most likely going to be removing ourselves from the NIR in order to focus on ourselves and our commonwealth.


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