The Drastic Legion is a PB2 clan turned into a multi-gaming faction which exists since May 16, 2013. DLN is a friendly place for (almost) everyone.

We have only one purpose: Gaming. It’s not that difficult to understand that you need more to say than it’s just gaming. DLN does gaming in a different perspective. Since most people focus on being placed in the worthful top 100 or even the legends list, we still keep on playing for the fun of it and just to have a great time in games.

Soon enough, DLN will become bigger than it was ever before. DLN is permanently improving its site and its structure to provide the best gaming experience possible. We will be going through hard times as well as through good times. But, as long as we are the Drastic Legion, we are strong.

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The Legionnaires' Bastion ~ Since 2013

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