Basic Laws:

1. Multiclanning is not allowed. If anyone has been caught of joining or participating in an activity in other clans. The member will automatically be kicked.

2. Do not log IPs, participate in nukings, give out hack threats, and etc. Anyone that has been proved to disobey these rules and the rule of PB2 regarding clans will automatically be kicked out of the clan. We do not want to involve the clan in any problems.

3. Always be active in PB2, website and chat. Anyone who is found inactive will automatically be kicked out of the clan without trial.

4. Ensure that you always have your tag in-game. This is for identification purposes.

Chat Laws:

1. No spamming or flooding in chat. Dyno has a 5 limit message in a span of 4 seconds. Anyone exceeding the limit will have his messages removed automatically. Further breaking will result to an automatic mute.

2. Do not post jumpscare links, disturbing (pornographic) images, videos or anything that is disrespectful.

3. Do not disrespect anyone. Refrain from dropping insults, rude comments, and/or crude remarks to anyone. Roasting is fine, until someone gets offended. If they do get offended they will pretty much tell u to stop and if you continue then it is disrespect.

4. IP Loggers or anything of that nature is strictly prohibited from this chat.

5. All music commands will be on #spam. The bot won’t be able to read it if it was on #freedom.

6. Use of the English language is mandatory.

7. Overuse of CAPS or Capital letters isn’t allowed. It is interpreted as shouting and mostly spams the chat.

© DLN Administration :. Wardemption & mrblake213 .:

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